Drafting of legal opinions and legislative work

Among the services provided by our named partners is the drafting of legal opinions. Our clients usually consist of public and private companies, legal entities, and individuals, as well as the Athens Bar Association. The questions on which we are called upon to formulate our opinion concern disputed legal issues of private law and civil procedural law. These opinions are either of an advisory nature or are filed by our clients in support of their claims in pending litigation. 

Our opinions have occasionally been published in law journals, due to their broader interest for jurists, in which judicial decisions have been based, referring to them in their legal reasoning.  

Our named partner, Prof. Dr. S. Tsantinis, has often served as advisor to the Ministry of Justice and the Plenary of the Bar Associations, e.g. during the consultations of the occasional amendments of Code of civil procedure that followed Law No. 4335/2015

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