Enforcement of judicial judgements and enforceable titles - Insolvency proceedings 


TH Lawfirm is quite experienced in domestic and foreign enforcement proceedings, while we are keen on defending debtors in creditors’ arbitrary enforcement proceedings. We act both as advisors and attorneys-at-law in court trials and proceedings in all stages of enforcement procedure. We devise suitable offensive or defensive strategy for all proceedings to come, including auction, award to the successful tenderer and creditors’ classification. Our firm is expert in engaging in proceedings concerning European Account Preservation Order procedure to facilitate cross-border debt recovery of Regulation 655/2014, since our named partner, Prof. Dr. Spyridon Tsantinis was actively involved in the making of the Regulation as the Head of the Greek Experts Committee in Brussels and later as the Head of the legislative committee that drafted the legislation so that Greek law is adjusted to EU law. 

Our practice additionally covers a wide range of advisory and litigation services to businesses in distress and to creditors seeking legal protection from the adverse consequences of their debtors' insolvency. We advise on the appropriate strategy for each case, participate in out-of-court negotiations of reorganization and restructuring agreements, and represent the parties in their judicial ratification. We handle bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings until the completion of the liquidation of the debtor's assets. 

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